Silversmith Powerhouse

Visit Canada's oldest continuously operating hydroelectric station! Built in 1897, the powerhouse has been in operation for over 119 years! Learn more about this world-class, award winning heritage attraction here.

The Prospector's Pick

Whether you are looking for ice cream, snacks, information, souvenirs, or antiques, The Prospector's Pick is the place to stop!

Brill Trolley Bus Collection

Visit Canada's largest collection of Brill trolley buses! Learn about Canadian transport history or reminice and share your memories of these iconic buses.

Idaho Peak

Enjoy the beautiful alpine flowers and magnificent views from the spectacular Idaho Peak!

K&S Railway Trail

Hike or bike on the old K&S railway trail! Enjoy a relaxing forest walk past several old mines, or take the more challenging hike out to the famous Payne Bluff.