Idaho Peak

Trail Info

Idaho Peak offers one of the best views over Slocan Lake, and an incredible array of wildflowers throughout the summer. The trail is a relaxing 1.5KM each way, with only a few steep spots. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Length: 1.5KM(each direction)

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Time: 2-3 hours, including driving time from Sandon to the trailhead and back

Open: Mid June-Late October, most years. Dates vary depending on the weather. Snowed in for the rest of the year. Follow our Facebook page for updates.


In Sandon, turn on to Slocan Star St. Follow Slocan Star St. through Sandon and turn left onto Idaho Peak Road. The drive is 12KM from Sandon to the parking lot. Be sure to follow the signs to Idaho Peak on the way up, as there are other roads that branch off along the way.

Driving Hazards: The road to Idaho Peak is in good condition, however you should be aware that it is a single lane dirt road with passing places along the way. If you meet traffic going the other direction one of you may have to back up to the nearest wide spot. It is not recommended to take large RVs or trailers up to the peak. The road has some tight corners, and there is limited space available in the parking areas, especially during the mid and late summer. It is recommended that you leave any trailers in one of the parking areas in Sandon. It is also worth noting that if you want to save your brakes from burning up on the way back down, be sure to use gears to hold back as much as possible -the road isn't very steep, but it is essentially a 12KM long hill.